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    If you have found yourself on this blog, then chances are you have been directed here through other avenues. First of all, I would like to take the time to sincerely thank you for visiting my blog alone.

    I am currently accepting read requests. From publishers, authors and Indie authors. Please read below to discover my reading/reviewing preferences.

    How Will I Review Your Book?

    Upon reading a book, I will post reviews of it on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon and other book supplier sites. Book reviews will also be shared across media sites, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. There is no guarantee that I will complete your book upon a successful request, however, I will post a dnf (did not finish) review on the above mentioned site, stating my reasons, and on this blog itself. 

    My reviews can be brutally honest. If there's something I did not like about a book, I will state it quite plainly. But I will never be harsh or tear apart an authors hard work. Upon posting a review, I will post the following things:

    • The Book Title and Author
    • The book cover (Usually from Amazon, Goodreads or from the book itself)
    • The summary
    • The review
    I will always conclude a review with things I liked about the book, and try to end on a positive note.

    What Books am I Willing to Review?

    I am willing to review the following genres:

    • Contemporary fiction
    • Romance
    • Chick-lit
    • Science Fiction
    • Horror
    • Young Adult
    • Fantasy 
    • Mystery/Thriller
    • Historical Fiction (Preferably Young Adult)
    • Dystopian
    Genres I do not generally accept are:

    • Non fiction/ Autobiography etc.
    • Religious Fiction
    • Self-help/how to
    I also accept series!

    I have a number of methods on which to read and review books, including Kindle. So I am able to accept e-copies as well as physical copies of books. 

    How to Request a Review

    If you are looking to be accepted for a review, then please contact me at, or fill out the form on the side of my blog with the following details:

    • Name - Surname
    • Book Title
    • Series? y/n
    • Summary
    • Genre
    • Publisher: If self published, tell me who you self published with.


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